Our Trips

Our amazing network of local contacts can easily personalize your trip to outfit you with the specific travel experiences that your group desires!

  • Exploration
  • Learning
  • Home-stays with locals
  • Giving back


GT believes in the transformational power of exploration, which is why we offer fun physical journeys that produce mental, emotional, spiritual, and social growth. GT believes that we mature and become our best selves when we are exposed to new ideas, landscapes, languages, people, and cultures.


GT believes cultural exchange and travel create bonds between people who might have completely different beliefs, backgrounds, and nationalities, fostering tolerance and compassion. in this environment we learn empathy and critical-thinking; stereotypes and ignorance fall away and we see each other as fellow humans, which is perhaps the greatest lesson of all!

Giving Back

GT believes the true value of travel is revealed through who you are and what you do once you get there. GT is passionate about informal diplomacy, organizing interactive experiences, and opportunities to volunteer. Travelers forge friendships by being be gracious guests. Giving back is good Karma. 🙂

What We Do

The beauty of Gusto Trips LLC is our ability to offer highly customizable tours that focus specifically on our clients’ specific requests at affordable prices.  After learning about the purpose(s) of your trip we organize the unique experience you’re looking for! Our amazing network of local contacts can accommodate almost any request!
  • ◈  Want to see the spectacular sites but also be immersed in the culture by spending a few days with host families?  
  •      No problem!
  • ◈ Do you coach a team and want some friendly international competition while strengthening team camaraderie?
  •     ➾ We can arrange games at almost any level of competition!
  • ◈ Bored of teaching Spanish, French, German, Arabic, etc., in formal classroom settings and want to give your students authentic opportunities to practice what they’ve learned? 
  •    ➾Tell us about your dream trip and let’s make it happen — Teachers go free!
  • ◈ On a mission to retreat into nature, surf, hike, camp, AND also do meaningful volunteer/missions work?
  •     ➾ Great!  We’d love to organize it for you!
  • ◈ In search of an unforgettable family vacation, but are bored of the all-inclusive communities and cruises?
  •     ➾ Let us take you off the beaten track while also catering to your specific level of comfort.
Take the first step. Email us now with some basic information to get a quote!

Where we go

GustoTrips has reliable local contacts everywhere! Check out our complete list of travel destinations!
Can’t choose just one? Let us bring you to several on the same excursion!

◈ Andorra,
◈ Argentina,
◈ Aruba,
◈ Australia,
◈ Austria,
◈ Bahamas,
◈ Bangladesh,
◈ Belgium,
◈ Belize,
◈ Benin,
◈ Bosnia & Herz.
◈ Brazil,
◈ Brunei Darussalam,
◈ Cambodia,
◈ Cameroon,
◈ Canada,

◈ Chile,
◈ China,
◈ Colombia,
◈ Costa Rica,
◈ Croatia,
◈ Cuba,
◈ Curaçao,
◈ Czech Republic,
◈ Denmark,
◈ Dominican Republic,
◈ Ecuador,
◈ Egypt,
◈ El Salvador,
◈ England,
◈ Estonia,
◈ France,

◈ Gambia,
◈ Germany,
◈ Greece,
◈ Guatemala,
◈ Honduras,
◈ Hong Kong,
◈ Iceland,
◈ India,
◈ Indonesia,
◈ Israel,
◈ Italy,
◈ Japan,
◈ Jordan,
◈ Kenya,
◈ Liechtenstein,
◈ Luxembourg,

◈ Malaysia,
◈ Mauritania,
◈ Mexico,
◈ Monaco,
◈ Montenegro,
◈ Morocco,
◈ Mozambique,
◈ Myanmar,
◈ Nepal,
◈ Netherlands,
◈ Nicaragua,
◈ Nigeria,
◈ Norway,
◈ Palestine,
◈ Panama,
◈ Peru,

◈ Philippines,
◈ Poland,
◈ Portugal,
◈ Puerto Rico,
◈ Qatar,
◈ Russian Federation,
◈ Saudi Arabia,
◈ Senegal,
◈ Serbia,
◈ Singapore,
◈ Slovenia,
◈ South Africa,
◈ South Korea,
◈ Spain,
◈ Sweden,
◈ Switzerland,

◈ Syria,
◈ Tanzania,
◈ Thailand,
◈ Tunisia,
◈ Turkey,
◈ Turks and Caicos ,
◈ UAE,
◈ United Kingdom,
◈ United States,
◈ Uruguay,
◈ Uzbekistan,
◈ Vatican City State,
◈ Viet Nam,
◈ Western Sahara,
◈ Zambia,
◈ Zimbabwe