About Gusto Trips

Mission & Vision

Gusto Trips seeks to provide international travelers with authentic, life-changing cross-cultural experiences with local communities. By connecting with and giving back to our hosts, travelers experience meaningful personal growth and in-depth understanding and appreciation of other cultures. Gusto Trips partners directly for locals’ benefit, as well as promoting a more affordable, culturally-relevant experience for the traveler.


• Learning & Understanding
• Personal Development
• Humanitarian Activism
• Bridge-building Relationships
• Peace-oriented World Citizenship

Service Component

As a way to promote rich cross-cultural interaction, many groups opt to travel with a purpose and be involved with a service project of their own choosing, which is always led by local leaders/philanthropists.

"Giving is the highest expression of potency. In the very act of giving, we experience our strength, our wealth, and our power to make a difference. This experience of heightened vitality and potency fills us with joy and brings ourselves and the recipients more love and life!"


Bryce Bohne 


Growing up in Minnesota, Bryce Bohne was taught from an early age that connecting with international friends is an excellent opportunity to broaden one’s own perspectives on life. As a 14-year-old he set out to visit some relatives in Guatemala and Mexico. Through this cultural exchange (and many others that followed) he developed:


(1) a hunger for exploration and service.

(2) a passion to learn about diverse peoples and cultures.

(3) a unique confidence and that comes from real life experience.


Since 2000 Bryce has visited over 95 countries—formally studying in Chile, Egypt, Jerusalem (Israel/Palestine), Russia, Thailand, USA, and Uzbekistan, and teaching in Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Morocco, Nigeria, the Philippines, Switzerland, and USA.  As an undergraduate at Bethel University (St. Paul, Minnesota) he studied International Relations and Political Science.  After teaching in North and West Africa for four years he returned to Minnesota to earn his first Master’s degree in Social Studies Education in 2013. A few years later he continued his post-graduate work in Educational Leadership at the University of Minnesota and earned his school administrator license. He served as associate principal at an international school specializing in Arabic for 2 years.  

Bryce is very enthusiastic about teaching and learning.  However, the most rewarding moments in his educational career have come through experiences of self-motivated exploration that took place outside the formal classroom setting. Thus, after 12 years in the classroom, Bryce took a leave of absence to dedicate more time to his greatest passion — planning and leading international tours for students and teams of any focus or age. Bryce has successfully organized over 50 international experiential-learning trips for individuals and large groups. 


Bryce's Travel Experiences

➾ Orange = Places Visited.    ➾ Student = Places Bryce Studied.     ➾ Teacher = Places Bryce Taught.